Actual Day

Two souls with but a single thought; Two hearts that beat as one.”

On your wedding day, you should look like yourself at your most beautiful.
Stephy is so glad to be able to witness the love of her clients
Felt so good to be a wedding makeup artist!

The decent bride, YanYan from China is married
When the Singaporean groom fall in love with China bride…………
The beautiful wedding for our shoot was so beautiful and soft … It was lovely day with filled with magical touching moments by A Merry Moment that I’ve worked together. The old and the young mass; we could only see tears of joy and happiness in their guests and parents. We loved how Amerrymoment captured the sincere and genuine hugs and kisses, oh!

The down-to-earth bride, Kay from Hongkong is married
These two crazy kids met back in around 2014, playing dodgeball for international competition. Before they dated, Kay and Hui were teammates, then friends. What started them with something fun, and silly. Then that’s how these things happen and now they are going to spend the rest of their loves together. People will always say the rest is history, but they felt that is not exactly true. Of course it is because this is real life and it’s ongoing. They don’t just live happily ever after. They are living happily ever now!

The positive minded bride, Isabella from Indonesia is married
It was definitely a close and intimate affair, where true friends and family gather to give them their heartfelt blessings. This beautiful solemnization was meaningfully officiated by their pastor, who witnessed the blossoming of their relationship and their growth into adulthood. They held the ceremony at Crowne Plaza Hotel Singapore to have all their guests celebrate their precious moments together. With the magnificent backdrop of the tropical ambience with its open public walkways, rain-foreststyle gardens, landscaped mini islands and water-covered skylights, looking over the gorgeous directly linked to Changi Airport, Terminal Three.

The most humble bride, Min is married
Min looked completely ravishing in cyan aka blue gown with floral to complete the fairytale image. It was a perfect meeting of two worlds with Yappies Production photography and the breathtaking photos. Yappies photography style and meticulous eye for detail gorgeously emphasized the intimate atmosphere and understated elegance of the day.

The optimistic Bride Yanisa from Thailand is married
Get ready for some spectacular views and quieting moments in the part of Coney Island through open fields, rolling sand dunes and inland sea. A merry moment captured it beautifully, perfectly portraying the serenity of nature together with the couple’s tenderness and warmth. The wedding took place at Dallas Restaurant and Bar, the minimalist setting was the perfect backdrop for all the luscious decoration which combines the white and pastel theme set the tone for an elegant and tasteful celebration. Kudos to A Merry Moment capturing all the love that went into creating this beautiful occasion.

The mature Bride, Jorina is married
A heartwarming and cozy occasion. They only opted to keep the ceremony to their immediate families, relatives and close friends.
Their wedding ceremony was simply romantic and sentimental. Though it is not a grand wedding, but this peony jade restaurant decorated with such traditional party-forte red lantern with its lovely warm hues, contemporary decoration and big windows that is the essence of etiquette and all of the chinese mass that are precious to them.

The most sociable , Bride WX is married.
This Wx and Shaun who were brought up in a Peranakan families!
They didn’t miss out on the traditional elements of a Peranakan wedding with matching Kebaya and Batik. An autumn day it was, but it’d certainly felt warm with all the laughter and joyous shared between family and fellow friends.

The most cheerful, Bride Jen is married
Jen looked completely ravishing with a crystal shoulder jewelry to make the whole picture more high classic. Sam Lim’s fine artwork photography in style and meticulous eye for detail awesomely emphasized the intimate ambiance of the day. It was such a pleasure working with my dear bride as she’d engaged me for ROM and Actual Day in different days.

An Animal Lover, Bride Jenna is married
A modern interpretation of Asian-inspired mixture of culture, femininity and elegance at Stamford Swissotel , Jacob and Jenna decided to immerse in the glamour oriental and created a photo shoot that was perfectly suitable with the venue’s classic interior. Inside, they were not at all shy to show off their intimate connection.

The amiable couples from London is married
Carrells’ wedding was a real affair from London, all their friends and relatives came from all over the world to celebrate this beautiful occasion. The day started with bridal preparation at Fort Canning Hotel Singapore they tied the knot in the heart of London with a classic European inspired wedding. It was a private and cozy place, Flutes Dining Restaurant that is known for its amazing European food. There was a large terrace for dancing, mingling and drinks. After food and drinks, the guests headed to the dance floor and had so much fun with London dancing style.

The Meek Bride, Becca from Indonesia is married
Today we share with you the story of two who became ONE, Becca and her official husband. Even though if they have differences but with patience and love, everything falls perfectly into place.  With a truly blessings from their family and friends, both of them have so much love to offer. Thus we could just feel that strong bond between them. Thanks for having me as a local makeup artist.

The easy-going bride, Nadi from Philippines is married 
Despite of all trends every couple today chose everything timeless moments. From the simple decoration all the way to her dress and looks, their choices are truly commendable. I had a long day with this demure bride and the cool head chef Ken Tan. We had a great time + fun.
Thanks for engaging me as your local makeup artist!

The sweetest bride, Chin from Malaysia is married
Chin and Jimmy tied the knot in a lovely wedding celebration at Furama Hotel Singapore by surrounded by friends, guests and relatives from Malaysian and Singaporean who love them is so special memories, then celebrated with a tea ceremony as well.

The good-natured bride, Stephanie is married
Yacht Nuptial Photoshoot and Solemnization at Sentosa Singapore
Relaxing on the deck at sea, leaving you alone and the rest of the ocean, photoshoot together by the sea breeze, promised a lifetime.

The thoughtful bride, Wendy is married
A beautiful wedding among the mountains. It was a lovely day with filled with touching moments. It was a lovely day with filled with touching moments at Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore

The most demure bride, Fuji from Indonesia is married
“I may be thousands of miles away but you are still the first thing on my mind” The bride, Fuji from Indonesian came all the way to Singapore for Wedding banquet with her devoted husband, Singaporean. She is extremely happy with my ideal design makeover, keep saying countless times, “Thank You”

The Gorgeous bride, Pei Sin from Malaysia is married
She looks like Mediacorp actress and singer, Bonnie Loo.
They had always dreamed of a small scale yet intimate wedding. The second they laid eyes on the soft stylised outdoor wedding, the rooftop of the luxury pool with a blue ocean and the green atmosphere, they instantly knew the venue would be perfect for them. She also loves the crystal drops of the rain and toasts always with champagne.

The Awesome Couple H & T from Hongkong is married
Their modern garden was endlessly intimate and elegant at their privacy location with the styled western, the white walls unique English Colonial setting was just perfect. This picturesque wedding was beautifully decorated with white lace, flora pinky and plenty of greenery to evoke a bright and airy feel. We are so in love with their documentation of T and Hosanna’s big day, including their sweet couple portraits in the gardens!

The buddy-buddy bride, Cheryl is married
Classic, timeless and romantic are just a few adjectives that come to their minds when scrolling through these photos from their grand wedding at Resort World Singapore. They had always dreamed of a small scale yet elegant wedding.
Awesome and stunning bride for wedding at Resort World Singapore was glittering starry filled with a luxurious atmospheric

The most gracious bride, Viven is married with George from UK.
Hair down braids and tiara flower head accessories are the perfect match for the garden wedding that’s full of emotions.
Thanks to my dear Viven for allowing me to share their lovely photos
“You are the butter to my bread, and the breath to my life.”

The most kind bride, Kazay is married
Kazay was such a wonderful and good interpreter with the deaf culture. I intentionally created natural and elegant yet soft sweet look for her though her hair is too short. Glowing blush with radiance is the point makeup. Everything seems so overwhelming, though is a small-cozy church wedding. I am so glad to be able to witness the love of Kazay and Tony.

A happy marriage is along conversation which always seems too short

The good humored bride, Sookuan is married
Such a humorously amazing couple that I have ever met
Throwback of the beautiful wedding photos with lots of joy and laughter by Calvin
I’m so honoured to be part of their wedding. It just seems happened yesterday
“The longest sentence you can form with two words is: I do”

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