The Brides Makeup TRIAL RUN guideline

Why is bridal trial makeup NOT free of charge?

You can’t visit an electronics store and ask for free cables.
You can’t drive your car to a petrol station and fill up petrol for free.
You won’t walk into a pastry store and ask for a free slice of cake.
You won’t go to a pharmacy and ask for free medicine.
You can’t enter a hair salon and ask for a free hairwash.
You can’t go to a plastic surgeon and ask for a free shot of botox.
So why would you ask a makeup artist to do your makeup for free trial makeup???

That is really part of the bare truth however you will need to know. Being a makeup artist (MUA) including myself, it’s kind frustrating spending hours on a bride and then in the end being told that she wants to do her own makeup. Just that it’s like cooking for someone for hours in end and thus when the guest arrives and says that she wants to go out and have McDonald meal.
I have heard some MUAs that spent hours on trial makeup with the potential clients|brides, all at no costs and then have the clients call up days before the wedding event and issue MUAs that they found someone else to do the makeup – which is fine, but the makeup artist is out time, efforts and product for nothing. Its industry standard to charge for trials and also ensures that we are remunerated for our time in the event of a bride deciding not to use us after the trial. (As such, trial makeover usually requires more effort and time, and it is only fair to pay the MUA for the effort, time and materials involved in the trial.)

My two cents (Undecided on the trial down payment )

Normally, MUAs will expect the clients who are compelling to book the timeslot with a deposit for wedding actual day|pre-wedding package FIRST and process with the trial makeup after all. With the term and condition of deposit, I know it’s pretty hard decision for the clients if the bride may not be satisfied with the finalized result after the trial session and it will not able to refund the full sum of the wedding package.

Thus I can emphasize how a bride feels about as well as her opinion, so here are some of my suggestions for tacking this plans:
I will always want to give the clients a chance to see her finalized looks during trial session before down payment. At the trial, you will have the option whether or not to book us for the wedding day.

~If you are happy with the 1st makeup trial and want to go ahead to confirm a wedding actual day, I will offset a 50% deposit of the total wedding package will be required on the day of the trial to secure the wedding date.  “As a pledge for a contract and Seal of trust.” (Note: Once a deposit is made, this should secure your booking. Always confirm timings and addresses for arrival to ensure things run smoothly on the day.) You should only pay the final balance on the wedding day itself.


~If you should be still undecided after the 1st makeup trial, you have to pay SGD$150 for the trial fee and but if you change your mind to confirm by either sms or email that you wish to book and I will deduct the trial fees from the cost of your wedding makeup including 50% offset deposit. You end up hiring us; it’s worth asking!!!


~Furthermore If you may not require a trial makeup and just confirm wedding day, kindly deposit a 50% of the total wedding package and please email us a photo of the look and gown you desire and our discussion as well.

How important is it to do a bridal makeup trial?

On movie sets it is called a screen test; a celebrity actor never goes on the big screen without trying different makeup looks for that character or role. This is the same thing applied in the wedding world, so it is called a “trial run”. Both are extremely important when it comes to you with looking your very best as you limelight in the biggest production of your life……..It’s your wedding day ya!
Remember….that wedding photo lasts a lifetime and you want to make sure that the money invested in professional makeup artist is money well spent. Cheers

~Applying photo-ready wedding day makeup on the bride, the trial is normally a 2 to 3-hours appointment whereby the makeup artist will discuss in detail with the bride on your requirements, preferences and matching with your gowns so that you can see a good sampling of the entire actual look.

~Meet your makeup artist, Stephy thus getting a feel for how you will get along. Don’t forget the makeup artist is usually one of the last people you spend your time with as a single person. It is important to feel comfortable in each other’s company.

~Important for the makeup artist, Stephy to know as much about you as possible as how you wear your makeup daily, what colours you’re attracted to, colours that you never wear or dislike, products/finishes that are uncomfortable. Sometimes there are challenges that you just need to know about beforehand!

~You look at good quality photographs in bridal magazines and have their favourite pictures ready to show me upon my arrival for their makeup trial. This will help us establish an easier communication. Please put on a white coloured top so it would be close to the color of the gown.

~Help your artist create your look keeping your ideas in mind.

~Advice you as to what will suit you and what won’t!

~I should be able to listen to what you say you like and translate that onto your face in a way you’re responsive to.

~Makeup can always wash off, so if they don’t get it right the first time, they try again, until you are SATISFIED…that’s why it is called a trial! You try different looks until you get that picture perfect look that is just right for you!

I hope this is useful to you and please feel free to ask any other questions.