Better to ask some of the questions than to know all the answers

“So those are her answers that she shares with all her clients/brides!! She always ensures that her clients get professional advice in regards on how they look before their wedding day, and to clarify any doubts if possible.”

1} Question: Stephy, are you able to hear what I speak?
As I am hearing impaired, I normally communicate with my clients with means of writing in English. I also tend to use gestures to get my message across as well as lip reading. But I have to emphasise that English is the only common language which I can only convey my messages across.

2} Question: I am interested in makeup and hair service for my wedding so what is the next step?
Option 1: Set a trial session prior to booking your wedding date
Option 2: Pre-book today to secure your wedding date

3} Question: Can I have makeup trial first before I deposit the down payment?
Absolutely! We want you to be 100% sure of your decision.
Please bear in mind that additional charges for trial makeup and hair apply if you may not want to book the wedding package after a trial session.
(If you should be still undecided after the 1st makeup trial, you have to pay SGD$150 for the trial fee and but if you change your mind to confirm by either sms or email that you wish to book and I will deduct the trial fees from the cost of your wedding makeup including 50% offset deposit. You end up hiring us; it’s worth asking!

4} Question: Can I use personal makeup for my ROM/Actual Day or Pre-Wedding photoshoot? Because I only need a very simple makeup or with a short hair.
NO. Personal makeover takes only 45 to 60 mins.
Bridal Makeup and hair approximately takes 2-2.5 hours. The procedure of bridal makeup and hair styling is an extremely time-consuming process. Additional transportation, the two-way cab fare with midnight or peak hour surcharges about $30-$50.

5} Question: Can you handle the make up for more than 4 persons’ makeover?
The maximum number of person I can makeup for the bride-to-be and one other person makeover.
Additional makeup artist assistant engaged as required will be at additional lump sum regardless of number of persons being makeover.

6} Question: How long does it take to do the makeup and hairstyle?
-Bride for an approximately 2.5 hours (Morning|Evening)
-Bride for an approximately 2 hours (ROM|Solemnization)
-Bride for an approximately 20-30 minutes (2nd march in for touch-up and change of hairstyling)
-Entourage|Bridesmaid|Mums for an approximately 45 to 60 minutes
-Groom for an approximately 15 minutes.
Note: Makeup application is longer if covering tattoos, blemishes, other skin discoloration and single eyelids adjustment.
Please ensure that you’re ready to start at the time arranged so that I have enough time to do my best for you.

7} Question: How do I make a booking/an appointment?
Do kindly go to the following this link and browse:

8} Question: Is makeup trial included for ROM package?
No, the makeup trial is not included for ROM package. However additional charge may apply for makeup and hair trial.

9} Question: I want my eyes looks bigger as well as having double eyelids. Can you make that happen?
Yes, there is a makeup technique to make your eyes look bigger.

10} Question: I have a sensitive skin, can you advise on this?
I have a sensitive skin too, but if you have a hypersensitive skin, I could use your makeup products you are currently using; however the makeup rates would be the same.

11} Question: What happen if someone wants their makeup done at the last minute? Can you accommodate to that arrangement?
Yes, if time permits, I will gladly do their makeover service. Additional payment for makeup and hair service may apply.

12} Question: What if there is only one client? Do you still consider giving discounts on your makeup services?
Professional makeup service standard rates applied. You may only get a huge discount depending on number of clients or entourages.

13} Question: Can I be entitled for any discount for more wedding bridal packages?
Sorry, all the prices are fixed and it is also fair to all the clients.

14} Question:  How do I return the hair accessories?
You need to return the items within 7 days after your wedding completed as these items are strictly for rental only
There will be a refundable deposit of SGD$100 required for every hair accessories on loan. Full deposit will be refunded once hair accessories are received in original condition without damage via registered mail.  If the accessories are damaged or lost through regular mail, the SGD$100 deposit will be forfeited. Normal mail is not encouraged as it may damage the accessories.

15} Question: How far in advance should I pre-book?
It is better to book ahead of time. Booking earlier will secure your wedding date. We follow the first come first serve basis only. I am not able to reserve any appointments without a deposit payment.

16} Questions: I might consider adding my entourages and/or mums makeup and hair. How will that work with the booking procedure?
Once we have recieved your signed contract agreement and deposit, you as well as any other additional people in your bridal party are booked for the wedding day. You may add additional services up to one week before the event

17} Question: What if I need to cancel after I already made a down payment. Can I refund my payment?
Due to any personal reasons of canceling your pre-booked event, any deposit (s) made prior to the event will be forfeited.

18} Question: What happens if I cry or perspire?
Not to fret, girlfriends all the makeup products I using is all waterproof|water resistant|long wear makeup|waterproof smudge. That is how I worked some projects for an underwater commercial photoshoot previously

19} Question: I saw this girl in the magazine and I love her styling look so much! Can Stephy do the same for me?
I’m pleased to get special requests because I adore variations and fresh styling in my work all the time. However, be advised that the final look might not be 100% the same due to the differences of your hair colour/length/thickness, suitability of facial profile and theme of your attire compared to the one in the magazine. Also, I would like to get a half body picture of you recently, the preferred gown & accessories, an image of what you’d like to have as a start.

20) Question: What mode of payment do we accept?
Payments can be made by cash in the full payment upon your actual day