How to Prep

Once your appointment/wedding is booked, it is highly recommended for you to follow these guidelines to ensure a smoother makeup application, longer-lasting curls, and time to run on schedule. Do help us be prepared so we can give you better results!

– Makeup artist works best when there are visual references. Bring both hair and makeup photos (hard copy/printing images) inspirations for your desired look. It is very important that you have this ready for your artist to avoid confusion and time delay. Stephy responses faster and have a better understanding when there are photos to refer to. If you are not sure what styles/looks you want, you may browse on Pinterest, Instagram, facebook, or magazines for inspiration. Even if the styles are completely opposite (updos & down), bring this to your appointment and she will help point you in the right direction.

– A good makeup application starts from having good skin. Make sure your face is washed with no oil or left over makeup residue. If you are dry (crack/flakey skin) you can exfoliate with a gentle facial scrub that will not irritate your skin. This will ensure that your foundation will not result looking cakey. After cleansing/exfoliating, apply moisturizer immediately as needed for your skin type. Avoid all moisturizers with SPF that contains titanium dioxide.
**Do not try to get a facial right before your appointment as some can react to skin irritation. Unless this is not your case, you may choose to do so.**

– Long lasting curls starts from a dry base. Your hair needs to be 100% completely dried for your appointment. You may wash your hair the night before your appointment day, but make sure to dry your hair completely through.
**To ensure the appointment runs on a timely manner, please do not come with damp or wet hair.**

– Appointments: We recommend wearing a top with a neckline that with resemble what you will be wearing for the occasion. (ie. white tube tops, tank tops, spagetti straps, off-shoulders, etc.) This will help give you a better visual of how the hair specifically, will wear with the upper-cut of your attire.

– Day of Wedding: Wearing either a button-down shirt or pyjamas is highly recommending for brides to get ready in so that when it is time to change into the wedding gown, you won’t have to worry about messing up the hair or makeup.

If Stephy or with her artist team is traveling to you for either an appointment or day of wedding, please have the following set-up to ensure a good working environment for your artists.

– Makeup: Depending on how many entourages will be arriving to your location, be sure to have a table (at least 3 ft wide) for each artist. The tables should be cleared off with no personal belongings that will interfere with limited space.

– Hair: Where the tables are located, there should be at least 1-2 mirrors available with outlets near by. Usually the restroom would be a good set-up area for hair styling if there is room for 2 people to sit and stand. If this is the case please clean off the counter tops to prevent any accidental burning and ensure that the sink is dried to prevent electrical issues.


“Don’t wait for the perfect moment, take the steps and make it perfect.”


P A R T 1:  T H E  E N Q U I R Y

Select the Package that you are enquiring after, the Date of the event, the Time you have to be ready and your contact number in your email.

P A R T 2:  T H E  C O N F I R M A T I O N  +  D E P O S I T

To proceed with the booking, the first deposit of 50% of the whole package is required. Payment of the deposit can be done via ibanking or bank transfer.

The balance outstanding will be made on the big day itself in cash

Trials where applicable will be done within a month to the actual day as it will be more accurate to access the hair and skin condition by then.

*Bridal trial makeup & hairdo is charged separately if required before confirmation of package. Bridal trial makeover is preferably arranged during weekends and weekdays are subjected to availability.

P A R T 3:  T H E  D I S C U S S I O N

I will be much appreciated greatly if you can show your pictures of your gowns. It is important because I will be able to know the style of your gown and I can do hairstyles that complement the style of the gown. In addition, it will also be easier to match the accessories accordingly. Discussion for the makeup and hair will take place after you confirm your gowns.

If you still have no idea what you want, I will try a trial imaging style for you if you like.

A month before the wedding day, if I have not received any word from the very calm bride, I will start to follow-up with emails regarding the discussion of the hair and makeup.

If you personally want to bring someone with you for the trial session, bring your friend/buddy who knows you really well and preferably have similar taste as you.

P A R T 4: T H E  A C T U A L  D A Y

    • * Have your hair completely dry and clean
    • * Have your face washed, cleanser and a bare makeup
    • * Wear either white blouse or white tube top
    • * Remove your personal jewellers/accessories
    • * Wear your lens before the makeup
    • * If time is kind of rush, do wear your wedding gown immediately before she arrives at your place
    • * Make sure either makeup area is located near the window or there are enough lighting in the room
    • * Please prepare a mirror, a table and a low back chair so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the start your special day, while she works her magic
    • * She will leave as soon as the makeup and hairdo is done and she will meet you again in the hotel for the evening makeup.
    • * Balance payment will be required to be settled on the big day itself in cash

P A R T 5:  A F T E R  Y O U R   B I G  D A Y

Kindly return the hair accessory within 7 days after event via registered mail to get your deposit back. Normal mail is not encouraged as it may damage the accessories.