There is a million fish in the sea but we are a mermaid

Underwater Photographers: Masurie, Wilson and Bobby
Makeup and Hair by Stephy Ng
Casts: Chantel and Fatin
They are an amazing mixed blood models. We’d photographed their underwater poses and this was a chance to give it another go. Underwater modelling is the most difficult kind of modelling around such as holding breath, posing upside down, pool clarifier and temperature, hair and clothing movement….thus expensive photography equipment etc. We tried many poses in the private pool with different backdrops and outfits. All worth the efforts despite the drizzle raining.
Have a look at some of the images we got there. we love creating ART, Thanks to the beautiful swans, Fatin and Chantel
“Most photos are worth a thousand words, but underwater ones are worth at least a million”


Underwater Photographer: Patrick
Makeup and Hair by Stephy Ng
Cast: Kat
It has always been an inspiration to do underwater makeup ever since my experience doing the underwater photo shoot. Fortunately with the underwater photographer, Patrick, he gave me the motivation to once again showcase my make up on a different model. It turned out to be better than expected and I have learnt that through continuous experimentation, only can a breakthrough be guaranteed.
“Life is an experiment in which you may fail or succeed. Explore more, expect least.”

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