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Singapore, Stephy Ng, Deaf
Wedding and Qun Kua Professional Makeup and Hair
Cosmoprof International Academy from Italy
Singapore’s TOP Makeup Artist 2018 by Makeup Artist Association of Singapore
Singapore Popular Multiple-Award & Trophy Winning Professional Makeup and Hair

+6591772520 | muastephy@hotmail.com | Instagram: stephyngmakeup

F.E.A.T.U.R.E.D  O.N

Stephy’s Redefining Barriers 2018 by
Triplets Productions

Deaf Professional Makeup Artist in Singapore: The Legacy
Presented by Deaf Singapore Lah

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Vanilla Luxury Singapore

 Featured on Asiaone.com for Subsidiary Award for Professional Category Star Award being a Bold Makeup Artist for Singapore’s Top Makeup Artist 2018 by
Lush the magazine and Makeup Artist Association of Singapore

62 Best Bridal Makeup Artists in Singapore 2018 by PandaWed and DailyVanitySG

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L.A.D.Y  O.N  T.H.E  M.A.I.N  S.T.R.E.E.T

How she overcame her speech ability and hearing impairments to successfully integrate into mainstream society and to gain recognition for her skills, by expressing her vision of beauty through makeup.
In our country, it is not always easy to adapt and live with disabilities, because of social prejudices and stigmas. Despite all odds against her,she has overcome these challenges and strives to be a mentor, giving people with limited abilities to be encouraged with hope.

A.B.O.U.T  S.T.E.P.H.Y

Over 9 years of experiences in makeup and hairstyling, Stephy today is considered as one of the respected makeup artist and received numerous awards in her profession. She is also multiple award-winning makeup artist who has garnered up to hundreds of different clients and brides from UK, Australia, Spain, Korea, Russia, Hong Kong, China etc, and has also prides herself in paying attention to specific details. She has contributed to a variety of events organized by prestigious schools / companies and has also worked in TV shows and filming projects, including editorial shoots in Spain. Other than wedding makeup and hair, she also specializes in Qun Kua makeup and hair, assorted with Qun Kua hair accessories meant for traditional Chinese Wedding.
Her design philosophy is to achieve a balance thus transforming her clients while still maintaining natural, unique and traditional oriental elements for their desired looks. Her charming personality creates a very cheerful working relationship together with any clients.

A.W.A.R.D.S,  A.C.C.O.L.A.D.E.S  &  A.C.H.I.E.V.E.M.E.N.T

Stephy has often practised her own beliefs in putting her customers as top priority. Likewise she continuously devotes her genuine efforts to exceed her customers’ expectations. Over the years, Stephy Ng has won a numerous of accolades for the recognition of her work. The milestones of Stephy Ng Make up career accompanied with awards are as follows:

*Stephy’s recent achievement of Subsidiary Award for Professional Category Star Award being a Bold Makeup Artist for Singapore’s Top Makeup Artist 2018 competition by
Lush the magazine and Makeup Artist Association of Singapore

* Ms Low Yen Ling, Singapore Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Trade and Industry, to commemorate her efforts and workmanship for A Special Talent Award as makeup and hair artist in 2014

* Orange event and Media Pte Ltd for the 1st Runner Up trophy and award in Singapore Grand Bridal Makeup and Wedding Costume Designer Competition 2016. Her own idea project entitled of the competition was “Butterfly Fairy-Tale Wedding Bridal Princess”
(Best Makeup Artwork, Best Hairstyling and Most Creative Costume)

* Main committee of Nanyang Technological University Pioneer Hall Event for the Award of appreciation in 2015 as Stephy Official Makeup

* Pageant Coordinator of Nanyang Technological University, ASTA HALL XV 2015 for Hall of Residence 15 of Dinner and Dance Committee for the Award of Recognition as Stephy Official Makeup


The most eye-catching thing in a wedding is a bride in her wedding gown, but let’s not forget the importance of the makeup that goes with it.

“Feel good to look good” Beauty to me is not just external expression. It is important to exude beauty from the inside, such as one’s personality and compassion. I stand by my own beliefsthat inner beauty and outer beauty should always go hand in hand.

S.E.R.V.I.C.E  U.N.I.Q.U.E

Stephy customizes your make up according to your face shape, your skin, and personality and finding the best fit for you as a gorgeous bride. It is NOT about just putting make up on a face, there’s a lot of knowledge that goes into the art of makeup.

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    Stephy's assignments has been featured on various projects,events etc

Singapore Choir Competition by B-Dazzled Grand Festival 2018
Singapore’s Top Makeup Artist Competition 2018 by MAAS and Lush the Magazine
Singapore Youth Festival Competition 2017
Singapore Choir Competition by B-Dazzled Grand Festival 2017
Editorial Photo-shoot in Spain 2017
National Day X Pokemon Fashion Runway 2016
Grand Bridal Makeup and Wedding Costume Designer Competition 2016
NTU Pionner Hall 1st Anniversary 2015
Starry Starry Night Pageants 2015
ASTA Hall XV 2015
Dolphin Island Photoshoot by Resort World Sentosa 2013
Ray Bay Photoshoot by Resort World Sentosa 2012
Harper Bazaar Photography Awards 2011
Flesh Imp X Canon Fashion Photography Competition 2011
IBU Pageants of the year 2010/2011
SADeaf 55 Anniversary 2010
Underwater Assignment with the International Photographer, Tucky in 2010
People’s Association 50 Anniversary Celebration 2010
One Christmas One Hope 2009 (Christmas Celebration, Orchard in Singapore)