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{Takashimaya 25th Anniversary Press Event}
I was honourably invited to join the unveilanewface event where
new luxury beauty brands such Fresh, Albion and Hera were beautifully showcased. The main highlight was the presence of the Korean makeup artist Lucas, who specially flew in to share the latest Hera K-beauty tips. There were other VIP makeup artists who honoured the event as well.
A BIG thank you to VIP makeup artists and organizers for showing us around the different beauty counters.Talk about those beauty brands with their big big heart

{B-Dazzled Singapore Choir Competition 2018} 
Makeup and hair by Stephy Ng and Cherrie
Location: Resorts World Sentosa
Again being part of B-Dazzled makeup artist backstage at Resorts World Theatre, Sentosa
Dolled 21 students up within 3.5 hours before the competition starts.
Gladly to hear some of the senior students remember us that we did last year!
The students of Broadrick Secondary school’s show choir are united by their love for music and dance. Even though they are a young and small show choir, they have big voices and even bigger dreams. Driven by their passion for performing, they work hard during their weekly sessions to practice an eclectic range of songs. This year, just like tribal warriors, they have trained hard under the tutelage of our wonderful instructors to put together an item that will transport you to the mysterious and amazingly beautiful Amazon Forest.

{B-Dazzled Singapore Choir Competition 2017} 
(The ideal theme of Angel and Demon makeup & hair is officially proposed by Stephy Ng)
Makeup and hair by Stephy Ng and Cherrie
Location: Resorts World Sentosa
It was a truly enriching experience working with the Singapore choir competition. There are more than 15 different schools to participate for choir competition. We made the Demon and Angel theme ideal makeup for the BEST COSTUME AWARD.
Also Demon and Angel from choir are a group of dedicated students who work very hard. They did really well this year. Congrats to their hard work!

{Garden Fiesta II at UCC Production For Singapore Youth Festival Competition 2017} 
Makeup and hair by Stephy Ng
Location: NUS UCC Hall
Being part of this event for school competition and dolled 12 students within 3 hours only before the competition process.
Congrats, they’d finally entered the one of the selected school for Singapore Youth Festival!!!
Also they are a group of dedicated and serious students who performed extremely! Congrats to their efforts!

{Auditioned by the Judger, Jeffrey from JC Modeling Agency} 
Makeup and hair by Stephy Ng
Casts: Fannie, Anna and Jane
Credited to: Wilson Photography
Felt tough being auditioned by the judger, Jeffrey
I did 3 models within 3 mins for hair and makeup that conceptualized with cheongsam theme. I was being auditioned and was lucky enough to get the part, eventually PASSED!
Jeffrey from modelling agency posted this testimony on social media, its my great pleasure to receive a good reviews.
Ready to serve all the brides within 3 mins of doing makeup & hair because I believe everything can be possible! Kindly read his testimony on the last tiled gallery

{Editorial Photo-shoot in Spain} 
Very honoured and privileged to be working with Spanish editorial for a project. One of the best collaboration in Spain I have interacted especially these masterly performance of many poses and highly skilled models from Madrid, Lisbon, Barcelona and Valencia.
Director : Diego Juan
Makeup and hair by Stephy Ng
Editorial styled casts: Ette, Garcia, Perez and Ana
Credited to: Vera, Lozda and Anita
Location: Madrid in Spain

{Bridestory Wedding Connect and Mediacorp}
Specially Invited by Bridestory and Mediacorp for Wedding Connect with the best vendors from Southeast Asia to interact with each other. Awesome experiences!!

{National Day X Pokemon Fashion Runway 2016}
SAUCEink is proud to present Singapore Active Gaming in conjunction with the coming National Day

Fashion Stylist Director, Seth
Makeup and hair by Stephy Ng
Fashion styled themes: Red And White looks
Supported by various local designers/brands such as PRINCESSA, Indra Murak, Covetella, Singapore Fashion Runway, Simon Chan and a few more.

{Man gives you the award but God gives you the award}
The TOP 3 winners of the Solitarie Lead Crystal Trophy and Awards in Singapore Grand Bridal Makeup and Wedding Costume Designer Competition 2016
(Best Makeup Artwork, Best Hairstyling & Most Creative Costume)
6th Contestant of the Winner of Wedding Costume Designer
9th Contestant of The 1st runner up of Wedding Costume Designer
7th Contestant of The 2nd runner up of Wedding Costume Designer

Subsidiary Awards
8th Contestant of Best Personality Model
8th Contestant of Most Creative Costume
2nd Contestant of Best Hairstyling
10th Contestant of Best Makeup Artist
13th Contestant of Consolation
4th Contestant of Consolation

1st runner up of The Grand Wedding Expo 2016
Makeup and Hair: Stephy Ng
Credits: Sajuna Event
Credited to: Raff, JTL and Feroz
Cast: Anna
Assistant: Fifi
The stage of Interpreter: Julian
Event Date: 2nd May 2016
Location: Singapore Expo

Thank you to all friends for being there with me. Without you guys’ help, fighting spirit and the runway, I would be not in the 1st runner up.
I could not thank enough all of you enough who has helped and supported me in one way or another; in every part that contributed to me being the 1st runner up. Every effort to cheer on for us is deeply appreciated. Your support plays a vital role in our success!

Last but not least, my award goes out to all of you!!! It was indeed the best moment of my life.
May God bless all of us with great things
Gold medals aren’t really made of gold. They’re made of sweat, determination, and a hard-to-find alloy called guts.

{International Celebrity Makeup artist comes to Singapore}
Peary is a Thai young makeup artist who has been gaining lots of fan on the social network and in the world of fashion.  First of all, I think she is very different from other makeup gurus/artists. She delivers the new dimension of beauty to the audience by working beyond the given themes. She does not see makeup as contouring, applying lots of foundation, or overly-perfected eyebrows, but views makeup as art. Personally, It is my great pleasure meeting her during the makeup stage.

{NTU Pionner Hall 1st Anniversary}
Makeup and Hair by Stephy Ng
Credited to: Zab
It’s an absolute honor to be taking part in the makeup sponsor for pageant contestants for the Pioneer Hall. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and will be a moment in history that will always be remembered. I’m really looking forward to being out on the river with friends and peers. To mark this historic moment will be extremely special.

{Starry Starry Night Pageants}
Credited to: Dash and Derrick
Female Casts: Crystal, Pei Shan, Delicia, Seah Xin, Melia and Joelle
Male Casts: Leima, Yu Wei, Nathaniel, Seah Cheng, Brandon and Yong Jia
Makeup and Hair by Stephy Ng
Fashion direction, styling, hair and makeup, runway choreography, photography, talents and event management.
Thanks Roger for inviting me… very happy to see so many new faces… many of them who had guided me so much in my pursuit of becoming a even better makeup artist…

{ASTA Hall XV}
Cast: Yin Hong, Matilda, Christie and Raphael
Makeup and Hair by Stephy Ng
I must say there is so much love going around… I would like to give a big thank you for all the wonderful pageants and parties!

{Resort World Sentosa Dolphin Island Singapore}
Cast: Debra Teng
Makeup and Hair by Stephy Ng
Director/Publisher of Ocean Geographical: Michael Aw
Research Assistant of Ocean Geographical: Jannica
Video Production of Ocean Geographical: Stuart Ireland
Director of Operation for Marine Life Park: Martin
Location: RWS Marine Life Park
Credited to Michael Aw: and
Credited to Resort World Sentosa Singapore

{Resort World Sentosa Ray Bay Singapore}
Cast: Gentleman and Little lady
Makeup and Hair by Stephy Ng
Director/Publisher of Ocean Geographical: Michael Aw
Research Assistant of Ocean Geographical: Jannica
Video Production of Ocean Geographical: Stuart Ireland
Director of Operation for Marine Life Park: Martin
Location: RWS Marine Life Park
Credited to Michael Aw: and
Credited to Resort World Sentosa Singapore

{Harper Bazaar Photography Awards}
Casts: Stephy, Desiree and Shane Pow
Credited to: Gerald
Makeup and Hair by Stephy Ng
Location: Ion Sky
This ION Sky for ION Orchard and Harper Bazaar Photography Awards is definitely one of the most gratifying collaborations I have had so far. Although, it was the last minutes for conceptualization and preparation for photo-shoot, the photographer, Gerald finally managed to make the photos that look simply awe-inspiring


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